Nippon Machinery. Used special equipment from Japan with delivery throughout Kazakhstan

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All our equipment was freshly delivered from the “Land of the Rising Sun” and was not operated on the territory of Kazakhstan.
Before shipping from Japan, all vehicles undergo a thorough technical inspection by our specialists. We only deliver working equipment.
All our special equipment has less than 3,000 thousand operating hours, which is not a critical indicator for Japanese special vehicles.
Our staff consists of certified technical specialists. They know the structure of special equipment from A to Z, have many years of experience and are ready to help the client at any time.
We have a wide range of spare parts for special equipment from Japan.
Developed logistics supply chain. We cooperate with large, trusted carriers and will deliver your order to any corner of our vast Motherland.

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Nippon Machinery. Contract special equipment from Japan in stock and on order, with delivery throughout Kazakhstan

The Nippon Machinery company specializes in the supply of used special equipment from Japan to Kazakhstan and offers services for the delivery of this equipment. The stages of work when purchasing special equipment from Japan and delivering it to Kazakhstan may include the following steps:
1. Search and selection of equipment: Nippon Machinery offers a wide selection of special equipment from Japan, including asphalt pavers, truck cranes, rollers, excavators, loaders and other construction and road equipment. You can contact them with your requirements and preferences so that they can help you find the right appliance.
2. Inspection and Inspection: Before purchasing the equipment, Nippon Machinery can arrange inspection and inspection of the equipment to ensure its condition and performance. This will allow you to verify the quality of the equipment before purchasing.
3. Purchase and clearance: Once you have selected the appropriate machinery, Nippon Machinery will help you complete all the necessary documents for the purchase, including the sales contract and other relevant documentation.
4. Organization of delivery: Nippon Machinery company provides organization of delivery of equipment from Japan to Kazakhstan. We have experience in international logistics and partner with reliable carriers to ensure safe and on-time delivery.
Advantages of working with Nippon Machinery:
1. Quality machinery: Japan is known for its high quality and technical standards. When purchasing contract special equipment from Japan, you can be sure of receiving high-quality equipment that works well and has a long service life.
2. Variety of Selection: Nippon Machinery offers a wide selection of special equipment of various brands, models and types. You can find the appliance that best suits your needs and budget.
3. Inspection and verification: The company provides inspection and verification services for equipment before purchase. This helps to ensure its condition and performance, which is important when purchasing contract equipment.
4. Delivery and logistics: Nippon Machinery organizes the delivery of equipment from Japan to Kazakhstan. They have experience and knowledge in the field of international logistics, which guarantees safe and timely delivery.
5. Professional Service: The company provides professional service and support to customers at every stage of the process. We can help you with paperwork, answer your questions and provide the necessary information.
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